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AGSRA's Featured Dog
Your Donations Can Save Lives

Faith, is a 2 year old female German Shepherd who has suffered neglect/abuse at the hands of her "owners". She has demodectic mange, which is very treatable, but her owners did not seek veterinarian care for her, allowing the condition to progress to the point where Faith has little fur and major skin infections. She was tied outside with minimal food, water or shelter. The neighbors would hear her crying at night from the cold but nothing was done. To make matters worse, Faith had 10 puppies out in the cold.  All died from exposure.

Instead of seeking help for Faith, her owners brought her to a county shelter to be euthanized. Fortunately a veterinarian was on the premises when Faith arrived and knew that she could be helped. Weeping Willow was called and Faith is now safely in their care.

Faith - suffered living outside thru a very cold Ohio winter with extreme hair loss due to Demodex

FaithShe is a sweet, friendly girl who is learning that not all people will treat her the way her former owners did. She is enjoying being a house dog and loves her cookies. Her condition is greatly improved, but she has a long road to recovery and her medical expenses will be extensive, if you would like to help, donations are gratefully accepted.

Visit for more information on how to help Faith. 

UPDATE - After 3 weeks of TLC

Faith was brought into the Portage County Animal Shelter to be put to sleep because of her serious skin condition that the owner's neglected for the winter; she was left out in the freezing winter weather to have a litter of 10 puppies that all died from neglect. Faith after 3 weeks of TLC from Weeping Willow 2nd Chance German Shepherd Sanctuary Upon arrival at the shelter, the employees were appalled at her condition; a veterinarian that was there immediately took action to get her medical attention. She had open sores, eye infections, demodex mange, and was severely malnourished....a skeleton of a purebred German Shepherd. 

Weeping Willow 2nd Chance German Shepherd Sanctuary was contacted by the dog warden about her; we immediately welcomed her into our Sanctuary. Her name was changed to Faith and her new life was going to begin. Faith was very skittish and very painful and working with her was a challenge until she realized she was starting to feel better with the love and soothing medication that was administered to her every day; several times a day. Just this week we started to see HAIR :-).....Faith has responded successfully to treatment and is soon going to be ready to go into a foster home to learn how to be a house dog and companion for someone who will love her.

If you would like to help Faith by making a donation, you may do so thru PayPal from Weeping Willow 2nd Chance German Shepherd Sanctuary's website.  Or if you would prefer to mail a check or money order, please send Weeping Willow German Shepherd Sanctuary an e-mail for their mailing address.  Donations may also be made to AGSRA for Faith's care. Please note: DONATION FOR FAITH.  

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 Please make donations payable to AGSRA, Inc. & mail to:

Elaine Peters, AGSRA Treasurer
4605 Mt. Carmel Road
Heath Springs,SC  29058

AGSRA is a 501 (c)3 corporation.
Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

American German Shepherd Rescue Association
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AGSRA is a 501 (c)3 corporation.
Your donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.